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General Purchase Information


As every artpiece is custom made with special design and pattern, the price of each Prodexim product varies and depends on the designs, motifs (relief or not) and sizes of the artpiece.
The listed price is displayed under each item in the galleries. Before ordering, you need to submit a Quote Request so that we can confirm the total cost with shipping included.

Production Time

Most of our artworks shown on our website are available in stock and ready for shipping. The time to produce an artwork depends on the technique of artwork and its sizes. Normally, it takes at least one month for a whole process. Some artworks require from 3 to 6 months, especially customized products.

Order to Make

If the artwork is not available in stock, you can order-to-make it. You are required to pay 30% upfront to activate your order so that we can start manufacturing the artwork. The remaining amount will be required when the product is finished and ready for shipping.
When you submit the Quote Request, we will reply if the total of deposit $ and production time if the item is not available in stock.

Ordering & Quote Request

After you have viewed the artwork and interested in purchasing it, you can pursue the following steps:

  • Request a quote by emailing us with the codes and names of the interested artwork(s) and your location (city/country).
  • Once this request is received by us, we will reply within 48h by sending you the confirmed Quote. In this quote, we will detail all information related to your requested items:
    • We will confirm whether the item is available in stock or not. If not, we will tell you how long it takes to produce it
    • We will confirm the item price (with or without promotional discount)
    • We include the frame price (if requested)
    • Shipping and handle fee
    • The total of your payment
    • Delivery time
    • And other information necessary to your order
  • If you are ok with our Quote, then you can complete your order by clicking on Add to Cart under the interested item(s) in the galleries
  • The PayPal page will display and ask for Proceed to Checkout. You now enter the total amount (as indicated in our Quote) and choose the payment method: by Paypal account or by Visa/MasterCard.
We will then confirm your payment and start proceeding the delivery.


You can then either pay your purchase by PayPal or by international Credit Card (Visa/Master Card). Our website is secured with SSL 256-BIT encryption, so it is totally safe to proceed with your payment online. PayPal, the most secured, safe and easy payment method is used by millions of online customers around the world. Also, you can have a $2,000 insurance warranty by PayPal for online payment.

Shipping and Handing

International orders are calculated by destination. For Europe and North America , time for shipping and handling usually takes about 4-6 days by airfreight and approximately a month by ocean. Shipping costs are responsibility of the buyer. Once you requested the quote, we will reply with the shipping cost along with other information before you place your order.  

Frame & Size

The artwork is shipped with the mounted canvas chassis. It can include the frame or not, depending on the customer‘s order. Please indicate “With Frame or Without Frame” in your Quote Request.

The sizes of artpiece are in cm (1 inch is about 2.5 cm). These sizes usually adjust to the universal dimensions for frames. For example, a 60x80cm embroidered picture on canvas can be mounted on a standard “Landscape 25” frame that you can find at your local stores.
Framing an embroidery picture is similar to framing a normal painting. Some customers prefer to do their own framing at their local stores so that they can check out the frames to perfectly fit their environment.

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